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Modification to Jazz bass pickups for series/parallel switching

Thanks to the TalkBass forums for this one.

This really does give you a different sound from your bass - whether you like it is up to you! I find the series sound really nice - especially on my cheapo special, I get some lovely growl.

So here we go:
Here's the wiring as standard - top pair of wires (red/black) are from the neck pickup, middle pair (white/black) are from the bridge pickup. The grey wire is a ground for the bridge itself.

Here's my first lash together attempt at the mod, using a separate switch.

And here's the lovely job I made of attaching it to the bass. Well worthwhile though, as it made me realise it was worth doing.

I then decided to do it properly with a push/pull pot - i.e. a volume control which can also activate an independent switch by a push/pull action.

..And here it is wired up.

Finally, a diagram of the wiring, which I hope will make all clear!